Sex, Magick and Dessert is a podcast dedicated to discussing sex and the esoteric arts with an occasional sweet surprise (hence the dessert.) Guest range from artists, mystics, writers, witches, healers, sex workers and so much more. Always adding humor surrounding the intricacies of dating, the human condition, magick and of course sex! 

Sex, Magick & Dessert Podcast is back on. What’s a better time, while “social distancing” to hear conversations surrounding creativity and sexuality with artists, witches and healers. 

Please enjoy our guest, Viva La Vulva founder, Dr. Cara Quant as we discuss Sexual Wellness Through Creative Pleasure. We cover a gamut of topics from Art, Sexuality, Lubes, Pussy Oracles to Female Ejaculation aka Squirting.

This Episode will be available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more in a few days, subscribe to it now and hear previous guests! Enjoy