SAHA Individual | Group Sessions & Workshops

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SAHA emphasizes on releasing antiquated societal notions constructed by pre-conditioned  beliefs around gender roles, sexuality & relationships. 

Sexual Energy (Life Force, Chi) is humanity’s creativity. We are interconnected by the process of creation.  Once we integrate everyday life to Universal Spiritual Practices, Rituals and Ceremonies we become self empowered internally. This done with pure intention and without manipulation allows the manifestation process to become easier to generate our ultimate creative purpose. 


  • Differentiate between instant gratification
  • Why we self-sabotage 
  • How to stay present

Transmuting old behaviors by : Interacting with our partners as equals. (leaving gender roles aside and going deeper into their humanity)

  • Learning to listen and communicate using high vibrational language. 
  • Letting go of labels and expectations. 
  • The art of detachment.
  • What it means to hold space. 
  • Healing Toxic Shame Surrounding Sexuality
  • Shifting Pre-Conditioned Patterns Associated with Ancestral DNA (Karma)
  • Communication : Vibrational Language
  • Unconditional Love vs. Conditional

Esoteric Arts : Meditation, Visualization, Magick

  • Rituals
  • Sex Magick
  • Candle Magick
  • Creating Sigils
  • New Moon & Full Moon Ceremonial Rituals 

Healing Arts

  • Meditation 
  • Rebirthing Breath Work
  • Sound Healing
  • Chakra Balancing Sound Bath
  • Yoga
  • Automatic Writing 

Tailored / Requested workshops include the benefits of :

Shibari, Kinbaku, BDSM, as methods of healing and meditation.