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Healing the Divine Feminine through Trauma”

MARCH 16TH 2020 6PM-8PM @ ARTBAR LA 12017 VENICE BLVD. LA, CA 90066

Hosted by @ladyartcollective Monday March 16th 6-8pm @artbarla hosted by founders @Marlena.Elise & @franceasca.

Marlena is the founder of the Lady Art Collective, who started the pop-ups along side the @veniceartcrawl in 2013. She wanted to give female artists exposure and to dive deeper into the female folklore and mysticism. Francesca Seiden @laicreatives who is the founder of Sexual Alchemy Healing Arts (SAHA), @sexualalchemyhealingarts transforming sexual energy into creativity. She is also a practitioner of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Sound Healing Therapy and Rebirthing Breathwork and also be presenting on behalf of this topic. .

We will be discussing Persephone and her fated relationship to Hades the king of the underworld and how she resurrected and healed herself at every Spring Equinox . We will uncover Persephone’s unsavory relationship to Hades, Sexual Violence, the recent death of Amie Harwick and how the Devine Feminine can gain her power back through healing. .

The last hour will be dedicated to healing modalities and handouts. This is a free event, and we will be accepting donations.

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Viva La Vulva San Francisco : A “Pop-Up” Art Exhibition Friday, January 17th at 1pm – 5pm, Saturday – Sunday, January 17-19th, 2020. This multimedia event will be a weekend filled with art, performance and panels in conversation with top health educators and experts in women’s sexual health. There will also be Interactive Games & Discussions, goodie bags and giveaways. The three day event will be held at 111 Minna Gallery located : 111 Minna Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

Featuring Artists:Lili Bernard, Alpha Channeling, Anoushka Mirchandani, Colette Standish, Leslie Reed, Dorian Katz, Miles Eastman, Emiliana Stein, Hannah Moghbel & Jack Gescheidt.

Panelists Include : Leah Millheiser MD;  Rachel Gelman, DPT; Carol Queen, PhD;  Diana Atashroo, MD; Heather Howard, PhD, MPH; Gabrielle LeCompte, MD, L.Ac, Safyra, CHt, Rev, UHT, RYT and more. 

Viva La Vulva’s mission is to break down the barriers that stop both men and women from talking and learning about female sexual health in a way that transcends race, culture, age and geography. A safe engaging platform through art and medical education to normalize the concept of female sexual health – a driving force of change in the way female sexual health is perceived.

Viva La Vulva is a movement created and organized by Internal Medicine physician, Dr. Cara Quant who noticed how men’s sexual issues are regularly discussed in the medical community, but women’s sexual health issues are often overlooked. “So many things can affect a woman’s sexual health throughout her life such as sexual abuse, pregnancy, stress, menopause, cultural ideals and often times the pain or lack of desire that happens as a result of these life events are not addressed.” says Dr. Quant. “Education is the key to overcoming.” She understands that the language of art can be used for education and as a means of healing. She brought together a diverse team of people with a shared vision to bring the idea of Viva La Vulva into reality.


Yoga Society of San Francisco : Residency program 2018-2019. Taught Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Guided New and Full Moon Sound Healing Therapy Sessions, Meditation and Rebirthing Breathwork.

San Francisco – August 2018: Sexual Alchemy Healing Arts SF II, Yoga Society of San Francisco

Art Basel Miami Beach 2018: Performer, Urbanica Hotels Miami, Curated by Nicole Soden and hosted by Crozier Fine Arts.

New York – July 2018 : Happie House Yoga Studio, 30-05 35th Street, 2F Astoria, NY 11103

Chicago, November 2017 : 11/14 7-10pm | 755 N. Ashland Chicago IL 60622  

Los Angeles, November 2017 : Junior High 5656 Hollywood BLVD, Charity Event Hurricane Maria

San Francisco – October 2017: Halycon 314 11th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Los Angeles, October 2017: Hunter Lofts, Arts District

Los Angeles, July – September 2017 Hollywood, CA


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