Franceasca Seiden

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Franceasca Seiden is well known for her films, documentaries, fine art photographer and as founder and writer for LAiCREATIVES. She graduated with a BFA in visual arts with a concentration in photography and a minor in art history and an MFA in Film.

“Growing up as a dancer, movement has been part of my life and natural instinct. At 18 I discovered yoga and by 2005 I became certified as a Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher. As an empath it became clear that I have a skill for physical empathy, a body intuitive if you will. I use my intuition to scan clients bodies, feeling where blockages are and then helping them break away stagnate energy and assist with realigning chakra flow. 

I was encouraged to study occult arts and sciences, cosmology, philosophy and world religions at a very young age. My -yoga practice gave me an acute awareness into other people emotional blockages and eventually it the led me to fully explore into the metaphysical.  I combined and instill  several types of philosophies into daily practice including witchcraft, Wicca, Paganism, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism. In 2009 Seiden received her Gohonzan from SGI Los Angeles.  Shortly after she became West Hollywood’s young woman’s vice district leader. Currently I am doing a residency program at The Yoga Society of San Francisco studying the work of Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati (Ramamuri S. Mishra, M.D.)”

Seiden began incorporating Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Automatic Writing with other Occult philosophies into her art and healing work. She worked with other mediums, psychics, root workers, and shamans closely for a decade, ultimately connecting to being clairsentient herself by picking other human emotions felt in her own body known as physical transference. 

“In conjunction with being a life long student of the healing arts I have written for several art publications focusing on the independent creative community, I have interviewed, documented and recorded artists who incorporate esoteric and eccentric themes into their artwork. Prior to Los Angeles I co-owned an all female operated boutique production company in Miami, producing films, music videos and documentaries collaborating with musicians, music and art festivals. When I moved to LA in 2008 I began writing and producing content for FX Networks and Current TV. In 2013 I  founded LAiCREATIVES, a digital magazine serving creatives’ in LA. The magazine expanded into consulting and curating. 

Through consistent and consecutive meditation, I was called upon to incorporate knowledge of the occult arts, tarot, fire ceremonies and sound healing. My innate sense to relate to the human condition led those who do not connect with traditional therapy to seek guidance regarding sexuality, sexual experiences, trauma, toxic shame and how its shaped their adult relationships. 

Sound healing  immediately resonated with me stirring up an intense release with their ability to heal via sensory vibrational frequency. I began to incorporate them into new and full moon rituals. I noticed how disconnected the body can be to spirit which led the mind to easily become unfocused, confused, dominated with limiting beliefs or consumed by disillusionment. This is the foundation of combining sex and spirit into alchemy workshops – turning trauma into power. Sexual Alchemy Healing Arts has been in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and New York.”

Franceasca gained Discover Hollywood and was featured on iGoLive about sound alchemy, and the healing arts, an hour interview on Occulture Podcast episode #69 as well as been a guest twice on The Holy Sessions on Jolt Radio.