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What is Sex Magick?

Sex Magick is any type of sexual activity used in magical, ritualistic or otherwise religious and spiritual pursuits. One practice of sex magic is using the energy of sexual arousal or orgasm with visualization of a desired result. This can be done by self pleasure (encouraged) or sex with a trusting, loving, enlightened partner. 

Candle, Sigil Magick

Using tools like candles and sigils (magick) to navigate through guided imagery delivering  mind-body intervention by which a trained practitioner or teacher helps a participant or patient to evoke and generate mental images that simulate or re-create the sensory perception of sights, sounds, tastes, smells, movements, and images. 

Sigils – A drawing of a symbolic representation of the alchemists desire.

Incantations and spell work (new moon, full moon, days of the week conjuring guidance.  

(optional to those individuals interested)

Rituals and Ceremonies

Using astrology, lunar phases, days of the week and other conjuring tools for strongest results. 

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